Code of Practice



    1.1 Intercellular Nigeria Limited, trading as InterC Network, is a private company limited by shares operating with a Universal Access License (UAL) awarded in 2015. The company started commercial operations in 2016 and has a short to medium term plan to roll out its products and services nationwide delivered on the 800MHz and 3.5 GHz spectrum bands respectively.

    As required by the Nigerian Communications Commission, Intercellular has put together this Consumer Code of practice to generally do the following:

    • Enlighten the consumer on the company’s products and services
    • Guide the consumers on our After Sale Services procedure
    • Educate the consumer on how to get complaints handled using our various access points
    • Inform on Terms and Conditions of service including but not limited to warranty, use of consumer information, advertising, complaints handling etc.

    1.2 Although our UAL allows us to provide a broad range of telecommunication services to our consumers, we will offer to our consumers, High Speed Broadband Internet, Voice Services (VOIP) and Value Added Services (VAS)


    2.1 The NCC requires that the biometric information of consumers be captured before provisioning on any network. Consequently, all our customers shall be registered using our consumer registration form and biometric data capture system. Consumers will be required to provide non-biometric information such as a valid means of identification (International Passport, National ID Card, Voters card or Drivers License). Once registered Intercellular shall provide the consumer with information on:

    • Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) on the usage of our service. The T& C’s form part of the consumer registration forms available either through our direct sales reps or on in our stores, kiosks and dealer outlets.
    • A Self Care page on our website and Mobile APP that helps consumers update their personal information, track product or service usage and recharge accounts where applicable. Some of the features of our Self Care portal on our website include:
      1. Transaction history
      2. Usage history
      3. Recharge
      4. Notifications (SMS and email)
    • Current product and service details in printed formats shall be available at all our company offices, flagship stores and kiosks, dealer premises and electronically on the website and Mobile APP.
    • Notifications on usage levels and general updates

    2.2 Intercellular is responsible for the protection of individual consumer information


    3.1 Intercellular will strive at all times to deliver consistent high quality services to consumers. We guarantee that all things being equal we will deliver 98% upload and download time for our consumers. Speed of service will vary depending on product however we guarantee a minimum speed burst of 10mbps.

    3.2 As with all technology offerings there may external events or circumstances, which are outside of our control and hamper our delivery of services to you. These include but not limited to Acts of God, Destruction of Base Stations, etc. In any event that the consumer encounters disruptions in our services:

    • The consumer can call any our dedicated 24 x 7 Call Centers and lodge a complaint and the agent will inform and resolve the consumer’s issues. The average targeted time slots for complaint resolution are detailed in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Unfortunately, as it can happen sometimes, if the problem cannot be resolved by our Call Center agents, the consumer is required to fill a complaints form to lodge their complaints at any of our flagship stores in our key cities and it will be treated there by our in house technicians.
    • Should the technical problem interfere with the provisioning of service, the time for provisioning will be subject to any time or process of rectification permitted by the NCC.
    • For Corporate customers, Intercellular will not be responsible for any readiness of premises or availability of infrastructure or equipment that is beyond the reasonable control of Intercellular

    4.1 Intercellular will work assiduously to deliver prompt device maintenance or after sales service under the following scope:

    • We cannot guarantee that all devices will be perfect, however if we do not fix the problem within the time limits set out in our Service Level Agreement, you will be able to claim compensation under as follows: –
      1. Swap – in cases where it will take longer than a week to repair. This service is available only at our flagship stores and the consumer is expected to present the receipt /proof of purchase and a valid means of identity.
      2. Replacement within warranty; also only possible at our flagship stores and the consumer is expected to present the receipt/proof of purchase and a valid means of identity
    • We will agree to work on a fault outside what is covered by repair service scope provided that the consumer agrees to pay for the charges.
    • If a consumer tells us there is a fault in the service and we find either that there is none or that someone in the Consumer’s premises has caused the fault, we shall charge consumer for any work done to try to find the fault or repair it.

    5.1 Intercellular shall endeavor to always treat consumer complaints with highest form of professionalism and empathy. If consumers experience any difficulty with the use of our products and services, they are required to:

    • Call our dedicated 24 x 7 Call Centers and lodge a complaint. Our Call Center representatives are mandated to maintain First Call resolution at 75% of all times with the Average Talk Time Per Caller (ATT) of three (3) minutes. All calls to our Call Center will be recorded for quality control and to populate our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) bank for future training and consumer enlightenment purposes.
    • Should our Call Center Representatives not resolve the complaint within reasonable time, the consumer is required to visit any of our flagship stores to lodge the complaint and fill out a complaints form.
    • Our customer care agents will log the complaint in our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application and ensure feedback within 1 hour. If required, the consumer can log on to the Self Care portal on our website to see the record of complaints and how these have been managed. Information collected and recorded as part of the complaints handling process shall be retained by Intercellular for at least twelve (12) months.
    • If the consumer is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, they are free to escalate to:
      1. The Commercial Director’s Office located at 24 Balarabe Musa Crescent Victoria Island Lagos.
    • In the event that the complaint has not been resolved to the consumer’s satisfaction within sixty(60)days of informing Intercellular, including as a result of any escalation process, we shall inform the consumer to refer the complaint to the NCC. For issues that remain unresolved the NCC will apply the processes set out in its Dispute Regulation guidelines
    • The complaint handling process shall be done free of any charges, however Intercellular may charge the consumer a reasonable fee in instances where the complaint handling process involves the retrieval of records of more than twelve (12) months old or significant inconvenience to the Intercellular.
    • Consumers will also be required to pay for:
      1. Printing bills that are more than five pages
      2. Change of devices outside warranty period
      3. Repair of device outside warranty period
      4. Installation of external antenna in areas of low service coverage.
    • To improve our service to our consumers, the complaint handling process shall be reviewed from time to time to ensure adherence to key performance parameters. Where gaps are identified, suitable steps are taken that adequately address the gap for enhanced efficiency.
    • Intercellular shall avoid any disconnection or credit management action regarding our services to which a complaint or billing dispute relates while the complaint or dispute is being investigated. The consumer will be informed that while the complaint or dispute is being investigated, the consumer is obliged to make payment of any outstanding amounts other than the amount that is specifically in dispute.
  6. Intercellular shall have Prepaid consumers who will be required to pay in advance for our products and services though any of our payment channels; cash or POS at our shops and dealer outlets, and our website and mobile app through third party payment gateway. For prepaid consumers Intercellular shall ensure that:
    1. The consumer usage and transaction records are available through the web Self Care portal
    2. Notifications (Emails &SMS) are sent to consumers from time to time
    3. Notifications will be sent to consumers via emails or sms.

    7.1 The consumer shall be bound by Intercellular T&C’s duly signed as part of the consumer registration form. Consumers are also deemed to accept Intercellular service terms on any commencement of use of that service following adequate communication by Intercellular of its services terms.

    7.2 Intercellular may have to place/install equipment in consumer premises to provide service(s), consumer must provide suitable environment and conditions for the equipment and obtain necessary permits pertaining the installation.

    7.3 Upon presentation of their identity card and further verification by the consumer, the consumer shall grant Intercellular or her authorized representatives without charge access to premises for any provisioning or maintenance of services or equipment.

    7.4 The consumer must prepare their premises in accordance with directive from Intercellular before and after installation. After installation and re-decoration works are at consumer expense.

    7.5 The consumer shall not use any equipment or related facilities provided by Intercellular for other reasons other than this related to normal service and shall not do anything that interferes with the functioning of such equipment or facilities with prior or written authorization from Intercellular.

    7.6 The consumer shall be responsible for any loss of or damage that result from their actions contrary to their service terms or this Consumer Code of Practice.

    7.7 Equipment owned by Intercellular and connected to the telecommunications network may not be moved to a location or address other than the location or address where it was first installed. This restriction shall not apply to any equipment that is accompanied by operating instructions indicating it may be disconnected and reconnected as part of its normal use.

    7.8 The consumer is prohibited from modifying or attaching any unauthorized device to Intercellular equipment or facilities without prior written authorization from Intercellular.

    7.9 The consumer shall not install any equipment or device that interferes in any way with the normal operation of a telecommunications service, including any equipment or device that intercepts or assists in intercepting or receiving any services provided by Intercellular.

    7.10 The consumer shall not resell any service provided by Intercellular, except as
    permitted by the service agreement and subject to any applicable licensing
    or authorization by the NCC’s pursuant to the Act.

    7.11 The consumer shall not misuse Intercellular telecommunication services by:

    • Dishonestly obtaining telecommunications services or possessing or supplying equipment that may be used to obtaining such services dishonestly
    • Using services to send messages or emails, videos, pictures that are obscene threatening or otherwise contrary to applicable laws or regulation
    • In any case of the afore mentioned, Intercellular shall take it as a break in agreement and shall suspend service or end the agreement (or both) at any time and may not restore service until consumer meets obligations as well as provide an undertaken as it falls due.

    8.1 Consumer information obtained by Intercellular during the process registration and as well as records of use of products and services shall be treated with utmost confidentiality. All collection and maintenance of consumer information shall be

    • Fairly and lawfully collected and processed for limited and identifiable purposes
    • Processed in accordance with consumer rights and not kept longer than necessary.
    • Protected against accidental or improper disclosure
    • Not transferred to any third party except as permitted by the T&C’s agreed with the consumer as permitted or by permission or approval of the NCC or required by other applicable laws or regulations.

    9.1 Intercellular advertising shall be created and broadcast in accordance with the Consumer Bill of Rights and standards of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria. (APCON).

    9.2 Intercellular shall ensure that information on its products and services showcased in the advertising materials is accurate and not ambiguous

    9.3 In instances where Intercellular represents in advertising materials that a service is provided as part of a package, Intercellular shall ensure that it is able to supply all the components of the service package. In the event that Intercellular may be unable to supply any component of the package, appropriate information about this limitation shall be included in the advertising materials.

    9.4 Intercellular shall conduct telemarketing in accordance with any ‘call’ or ‘do not call’ preferences recorded by the consumers.

    9.5 Intercellular shall not engage in any unsolicited telemarketing services unless it discloses the Identity of Intercellular in the beginning of the communication.


10.1 Intercellular Nigeria Limited certifies that it will adhere in all respects to the provisions and standards described herein (the Consumer Code of Practice approved by the NCC). Intercellular Nigeria Limited further confirms that the code of practice will form part of its Company Policy and organizational culture.

10.2 The company will endeavor to make sure all staff understand the provisions of the Consumer Code of practice and are abreast with the NCC’s notices, directives, codes, license obligations and policies as issued from time to time.


    Average Talk time per caller (ATT). 3mins
    Average Handling Time (AHT). 5 mins
    Service Level – the percentage of calls answered within a decided time frame (SL). 30 seconds
    Average Hold time – the time a caller has been put on hold (AHT). 10 seconds
    Average ring time before answer (ARTA). On or before the third (3rd) ring
    First Call Resolution – the percentage of calls in which the caller’s query has been completely resolved in the first call itself (and the caller will not have to call back again for the same query) (FCR). 70% – 75%