Intercellular Nigeria Chooses to partner with Huawei for Rapid Network Transformation To LTE

On the side of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain, Huawei held a signing ceremony with Intercellular Nigeria Limited a foremost and indigenous telecommunications company in Nigeria. At the ceremony, the CEO of Intercellular, Mr Emad Sukker announced a joint LTE 4G transformation of the former CDMA network and its plans for rapid expansion to provide high quality telecommunication services to Nigerians. With this alliance, Huawei will deploy an 800MHz LTE network to help Intercellular meet the strategic and service demands of the Nigerian market.

Depending on its frequency portfolio of the 800MHz and 3.5GHz spectrum, Intercellular intends to provide services to Nigerians with the most advanced communications technologies available today, hence its partnership with Huawei.

Mr Sukker explained how Intercellular chose its strategic alliance. “Huawei is both the world’s leading supplier of LTE devices and also the most trustworthy partner. This LTE collaboration will help Intercellular accelerate our LTE transformation and give our people better and faster network services.”