Mohammed Abdu Waya Chief Technical Officer


Waya, is the technology specialist and is completely immersed in the world of telecommunications both as an industry practitioner and academia (The Nigeria Defence Academy and University of Maiduguri).

From his first and second degrees (BSc and M. Engr) in Electrical Electronics, his knowledge has been strengthened from various training programs and workshops including Radio Communication and Computer networking at the International Center for theoretical Physics in Trieste Italy, Cellular Network Technology at Motorola Training Institutes in Chicago and Dallas, Radio Network Planning & Planning Optimization at ZTE University China.

He has worked with the organization for several years, occupying several leadership positions including General Manager Corporate Strategy, Vice President Engineering Services and Chief Technical Officer.

In today’s world of insatiable consumer appetite for all things digital, Waya leads the way in fine-tuning the technology think-tank of the organization, identifying credible technology support partners to help the organization deliver on its Quality of Service mandate.