Online Tips

Welcome Message

We are very excited that you made the decision to join our network. One of the things that will immediately become apparent to you is the hassle free browsing experience and our great customer service.
You will find in this package an LTE enabled device (Mifi or Router) and SIM that allows you to immediately connect to our network

Get on the Network

Please carefully detach the SIM from the package and insert in the body of the device as directed by the diagram in the set up manual and start enjoying a fantastic browsing experience!
If you have any questions about our product or service please visit any of retail outlets near you or call our dedicated 24 x7 customer service agents You can also reach us online through our website or any of our social media platforms. We want to hear from you!

Useful Tips to Optimize your data

In order to minimize the uncontrolled usage of data, here are some tips to help manage and maximize the use of your data.

Personalize your Wi-Fi settings (Andriod)

  • Go to settings and switch on your Wi-Fi
  • Click on options and then add network, type in your preferred Wi-Fi name
  • Select your security type and input a password only known to you
  • Reconfirm your password
  • Save your settings
  • Even when you decide to share your password, please change frequently to avoid un-authorized access.

Control and use of application downloads

A majority of smart devices are pre-configured to automatically download applications without your permission once they have access to broadband

  • Always remember to turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi when not in use
  • Upload of videos and photos replicate in background and can consume large volumes of data; therefore, it is important to switch off your data when done with these services
  • Uninstall applications not in use to prevent them from running in the background and using up data without your knowledge
  • Upgrade/update only applications which are in use
  • Close any application properly after use and re-confirm to avoid such application running in the background

Video quality online

The resolution quality and speed of streaming and watching videos online can be adjusted to better optimize your data via the settings on which the video was uploaded, this determines the volume of data consumed. The higher the resolution, the faster data is being consumed.

  • Click on the settings of the video you intend to view or download
  • Go to the quality option and you will be provided with a range of resolutions to choose from
  • Choose the lower resolution quality and click on save; as this will greatly reduce the amount of data used


  • Our system is configured to send out notifications on data consumption levels across multi channels via email and SMS to your registered number on our database. This way you get informed when your data bundle is running out and you can recharge to remain connected.