How can I subscribe for the service?

You can subscribe to our service by walking into any of our dealer or service centers. You will be required to present a valid form of identification (International Passport, Drivers License, Voters card, National Identity card) and one passport photograph for our biometric records as required by the NCC.

After registration, how long does it take before I can start browsing?

You can start to browse within one hour after the registration and activation process has been completed.

How can I check my data balance?

You can check check your data balance on self-care on the website or mobile App.

Is it possible to know when my subscription will expire?

Email and text notifications will be sent when customers are approaching 40%-50% of consumption.

What happens when I want to change to another subscription plan at the end of the validity period?

You can only change your data package after your data plan has expired.